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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

take a risk

as we transition into fall, i'm ready to don boots, tons of layers, and curl up with a pile of books fireside for . . . days. anyone else feeling the same way?

this weekend i plan to curl up with my laptop for hours of writing. however, i made a scheduling switcheroo on sunday so i could dash out to pigs sanctuary in shepherdstown and meet the darling piglet featured in yesterday's things i love. i mean, come on, can you stand him? so darling! pics to come from the visit, of course!

as we journey into this new season that beckons slowing down and reflection, i encourage you to ponder the best use of your time and energy. life is short. why rush from meeting to meeting or stay involved in things that don't serve who you strive to become? 

take a moment to pen your fall intentions. what do you hope to see unfold over the next three months? are there small risks you can take now to move you closer to your dreams? for example, i'm working toward a master's in social work to help understand how to best serve others and make a difference on a larger scale. also, i'm taking weekly sewing classes to make sure i'm nurturing my creative spark without administrative to-dos creeping in. et toi?

what does your heart long for? what small risk can you take today? i'm reminded of this quote by eleanor roosevelt: do one thing each day that scares you. what will today bring?

bisous. x

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Denise said...

Enjoyed post. I am going through an Eleanor Roosevelt phase, so I love anytime she is mention.