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Sunday, August 14, 2011

TDJTV - Tranquil Travel Tips

Bonjour from Orlando! 

Le Beau and Moi are here for Disney Institute this week. Yesterday began at 5:45am and ended with a final call and packing at 8pm. I squeezed all I could out of my one day in town. Always a treat to be home and reconnect with friends, try new experiences (embroidery), and get my yoga on at beloved Tranquil Space. This morning we recorded a quick feature on Tranquil Travel Tips. As we finished filming and raced to our cab, I realized I forgot to mention my yoga mat, planner pad, swimsuit, and laptop. Blasphemy. 
Here's a list of must-haves:

clothing layers that can be dressed up or down: slip dresses, sleeveless wrap dresses, lounge shorts, vintage bed jackets, cardiwraps, long sleeve layers for overly air conditioned spots
tights + socks
accessories: long faux pearls, bangles, headbands, earrings, various necklaces
travel yoga mat
2 extra pairs of shoes: ballet flats, heels or boots
candles and matches
bags of favorite tea
foam hair rollers (new obsession)
idea book
swimsuit, hat, sunscreen

books and magazines
earplugs (I like two sets)
iPhone and charger
planner pad
laptop and charger
credit cards
water bottle
emergenC packets
handcrafting tools/projects
journal and pens
a pug (unless they're dogists like Disney = boo)

Any other must-haves I'm missing? 
What do you always have to pack to ensure tranquil travels?  
Bisous. x

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Shizuka said...

Enjoyed this video with Gota. He said he was happy to see Louis again!

kimberly wilson said...

awww, SO happy to hear! merci for watching. louis, tim, and i send our love to you in tokyo. wish we were there this month. x

Grace said...

Thanks for the fun and girly look at your life--I enjoyed the video. This makes me want to go somewhere! Hope you do many more videos.

kimberly wilson said...

Grace, so happy you enjoy it! Videos are up every other week. Let me know if you have any requested features! x