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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

and fall colour choices are . . .

cornflower * jade * sangria * platinum * noir * au naturel

plus bright colors remaining from spring such as honeysuckle, shell, pistachio, and lilac. merci beaucoup to all who contributed via my request for input last month.

cornflower is perfect because my supplier was unable to make the blue posted (le sigh) last month and matched the best he could with a slightly lighter shade that is oh-so-cornflower. the cornflower winner is . . . rachal! i heart jade and when i read that name, i knew it was the pefect fit. the jade winner is . . . brie! rachal and brie will receive any fall item of their choice in their chosen colour. congrats!

we also have rolls of a yummy red coming our way coined cranberry and i'll be sure to post a swatch of it upon receipt. plus a sneak peek of fall samples coming later this week. ooh la la! oh, and our fall model is the lovely lesley ware from brooklyn. creative, sassy, and fabulous. bisous. x

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rachal said...

Yea! thank you Kimberly:)

Catherine said...

Love the new colors! Cannot wait to see the samples! Great eye candy images of the new colors!! Love Love Love

kimberly wilson said...

rachal, congrats! great colour name!! x

kimberly wilson said...

catherine, posted a few samples today. forgive the amateur photography, but we wanted to capture an idea of what is to come. so happy you like the colours! x