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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

signature style

here's a shot of me stepping off the train in west virginia and being greeted by sir louis the pug. 
i'm donning my freshly made romper over opaque tights (had just come from yoga), long faux pearls, a vintage lace bed jacket, and pink paris scarf with my fave circa 2007 patent wedges. 

here's a super cute romper how to for you to make your own. i had the handy guidance of my bits of thread teacher. we worked off of a shorts pattern from little green dresses, doubled the fabric it to make it more skirt-like, and pinned it to a mannequin. loved! cut a tube top to add to the shorts, inserted 1/4 elastic at the waist to add a billowing effect, created a casing for the 3/4 elastic at the top, threaded it through and sewed the top and bottom together. 
voila, i have a new romper. perfect for yoga, travel, and layering!

bisous. x

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