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Monday, June 13, 2011

muse on this month's chosen book

 my beloved kindle

yesterday i posted this piece to our online book club and wanted to share my takeaways. you know how sometimes you read things *just* when you need them? well, this book is one of those things! i hope you, too, are enjoying the read. mwah!

wow, finished today and am IN LOVE with this book. i love many things about it - particularly the constant reminder to think outside the box and DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY!

i particularly enjoyed the chapter on leaving a legacy - such an important topic - and loved the morning and evening questions he suggested.

i like the reminder to create a lifestyle that is "location independent" so that you can operate it from anywhere in the world. clearly i haven't done that with the yoga studios or clothing line (since inventory is stored chez moi) but i can do this with my writing and would love to move more toward a life that is "location independent."

the reminder about our 168-hour week and the usage of time is always a good one - particularly his focus on deliverables vs hours worked!

his reminder about creating life experiences versus accumulating "stuff" is SO important. the freedom of living in a city where i can walk or talk public transport (or indulge in occasional taxis) feels so much better than my former car payments, maintenance, and insurance.

the mention of taking a sabbath day has really stuck. for years i've craved a true day off but find myself pulled in to email or to-do drama. today i did things differently. i woke up, checked email, rocked pet care, went to the gym, got a mani, planted impatiens in my patio garden, folded laundry, dyed organic tees, and did some rearranging versus tackling biz to-dos. it felt good and i'd like to make a habit of doing this at least 1/2 a day each week! my soul + home will thank me.

i enjoyed the piece about creating versus responding. it's been a recent focus of mine - a deep desire to create, create, create - and i loved seeing the importance of it highlighted in this book.

absolutely delighted to have stumbled upon this book when searching for the perfect fit for this month's online book club choice. i hope you, too, have been inspired! x

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The Witch said...

KW - you should totally read "The Mary Kay Way" ... yes, I'm bi-partial being a rep and all. lol. BUT ... the way she suggests to manage your team (or whatever) reminds me of ways you would work it.

her way of management is sort of like putting the 8 limbs into it.

Globetrotting Cacti said...

I really wanted to read this (& found my-self cheering when I read your summary as I love those ideas) but I can't get the book on Kindle in the UK (but I checked & you can in the States). Think I may drop the publisher an e-mail... it sounded like a great read (but I don't have the storage for hundreds of paperback books)....