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Thursday, June 02, 2011

dreams a la june

this week i sat down to pen my june dreams.

tools: a page from an artsy anthropologie ad
black sharpie
lit lemongrass candle
mug of chamomile tea
big dreams
small steps
vase of peonies

a smattering of dreams: weekly sewing dates
join pigs sanctuary board
fancy up tranquil space arlington front
host inspiring studio manager retreat
evaluate personal + biz spending
crystallize plans for next e-course based on your ideas

what are *your* june dreams? 

bisous. x

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like good dreams!

My Dreams for June are...

-Beta Launch a co collaboration blog @ creativity and courage!
-Find more income, rather create more income!
-Finish the book callings
-Do journaling, and time to just be to gain clarity on my next steps..
-Put up coaching services page
-Record and publish first podcast

Anonymous said...

June Dreams:
Write poems to submit for two markets.
Knit a light summer scarf with some beautiful Blue Heron sparkly yarn.
Keep up daily mediation.
Participate in book club (book on order!)
Put up a weekly list of things I love.
Create a happy creative space.
Restart yoga at TS again after two plus years of illness even though I am afraid.