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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

day before birthday

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so i keep squealing, "did you know tomorrow is my birthday?" you'd think it was a big milestone. it's simply lame ol' 38 but for some reason i'm super excited. like little kid excited. even demanded pink balloons from le beau. poor thing.

here's a quote to inspire: 
bisous. x

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moi said...

38 was a very good year. i hope it treats you well!

Lexi said...

38 was a great year for me too! Have the very best day - and a year of wonderful surprises! xoxox

vj said...

Nothing lame about 38! Yeah for you! Congrats and follow my special birthday rule: CELEBRATE ALL MONTH!!!
Thanks for inspiring and igniting my joie de vivre!

Trixie said...

I am like that! I tell everyone beforehand like I was 4 or something, "My birthday is coming, etc" then on the day of I want it to be special. I mean it's great to be alive right, so why not be excited about making it the next year!!