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Saturday, June 04, 2011

bonnard = drama

thursday morning i discovered a "hot spot" on my lemon feline, bonnard. 
thank goodness we had a fancy elizabethan color around (from a former drama) so 
we're doctoring him up in advance of his monday 8am return to the vet. 

don't you just love this photo? he looks like an astronaut! captured it today after his sunbathing extravaganza this afternoon. god bless his so-not-healthy soul!

bisous. x

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E said...

Poor dear, I hope he feels better soon. He is, however, rocking that collar.

Sarah said...

Hope things get better Monday! It seems to be a feline vet day, as my fancy feline will be having her teeth cleaned Monday morning.

LiziLifeCoach said...

He looks very fashionable! You got love him...dear heart :)

kimberly wilson said...

thanks for your kind words. can you stand the collar? oh my! he's such a disaster, but i love him! x