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Monday, May 16, 2011

things i love

 1. aromatherapy burner full of lavender oil
 2. newly added vintage-inspired dress to my display
 3. bohemian manifesto = fun read
 4. delicate pink earrings gifted beloved shizuka in japan
 5. sunday's team retreat: so grateful for their infusion of tranquility
 6. fave slide in team retreat presentation: tranquil space's charitable giving
 7. friday night smores at cosi
 8. sir louis the pug curled up in bed saturday morning
9. how to sew a button book gifted by sweet lizi
10. my sweet 98-year-old gramma

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Anonymous said...

You always find the cutest books! I now have two more to add to my never ending reading list :D

Rebecca said...

Completely agree! I'm going to order a copy of the Bohemian Manifesto today--looks so cool!

Anonymous said...

I love the book "How to Sew a Button", a very parctical guide for everyday living. I still haven't gotten around to canning and making perserves, but the season is coming. Tomato jam, can't wait!

shinyyoga said...

ohhh I <3 your 'love' lists :)

Sarah said...

Kimberly, I'm so glad you got Bohemian Manifesto! It is definitely a favorite book of mine. I think I was a Gypsy-Zen bohemian according to the quiz.

LiziLifeCoach said...

ahhhhh thanks :) I'm glad you enjoy it.