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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a sprinkle of favorite things

sunday le beau and i hit ross before indulging in a strategic planning session at starbucks. oui, that's what we do for fun. strategic planning at starbucks on a sunday night. of course my "strategic plan" is written on a beautiful image torn from a magazine with a sharpie. however, i digress. 

above is a photo of my loot from the quick ross and tarjay excursion. i'm a sucker for the home decor section of discount stores. i picked up the cutest lavender diffuser (4.99), pink damask frame (4.99), foot socks (2.99), flocked damask journal with gold edged pages (5.99), colorful notecards for penning thank yous (4.99) plus a few gifts for managers (sprinkles + sparkly pencils) at tarjay. 

there is something so rewarding about occassional cheap chic indulgences on favorite things - especially ones so perfectly moi. sparkly, colorful, damask, scented.

yay for the simple pleasures of life. now to sip more jasmine tea + dash to internship.

happy whimsical wednesday. indulge your spirit. 
bisous. x

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Jamie Ridler Studios said...

I totally get you on the strategic planning as fun. How wonderful you do it together!

whitneygc said...

i totally agree. i did the same last night at "tarjay." i picked up supplies for my new art journal (inspired by you last podcast!). thanks for the focusing on how beginners can get started. i'm an avid journal-keeper. i've been interested in art journaling but confused about how to jump in. thanks for the tips!

kimberly wilson said...

whitney, so happy i could help you get a jump start. disclaimer: it's addictive! x

jamie, oui, fun to work together and share similar passions! x