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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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bonjour + happy whimsical wednesday. 

before i hole up for the next 36 hours of die hard studying (le sigh), i wanted to share today's fun experience. i went to a sewing lounge, bits of thread, with a beloved client to make a bag. above are some shots that i snapped during the adventure. taking the morning to indulge my creative spirit while assisting with my client's bag design was such a treat. she was literally glowing from the experience and it felt like such a beautiful way to wrap up our past 8 months together. she has taught me a lot about the simple joys of life and this bag making excursion was no exception. 

sewing + dream creation = happiness. x

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meecindy said...

a sewing lounge - what a fun concept! i'd love to have a sewing, crochet, knitting lounge down here. i think that would be my fav place to be other than my yoga mat! :)

kimberly wilson said...

agreed, cindy. there is something so special about being surrounded by so many creative possibilities. sewing machine + fabric = dreamy! x