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Saturday, March 26, 2011

my artist date: watercolor play

 eiffel tower + tutu

skirt + eiffel tower + umbrella

necklaces + bikini

hats + tutu (had help with body) + stiletto

tonight i dabbled in water color thanks to the oh-so-patient mary catherine starr who helped me turn blobs into actual favorite things. key was slowing down, using a thinner brush, and focusing on the replication of shapes within the item i was painting. loved it. so want to learn to do cute ones like the darling daily candy artist sujean rim. looking at my chubby eiffel tower, i've got a ways to go, but the start of my journey this evening was fun! 

bisous. x

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LiziLifeCoach said...

So cute! Great job!

moi said...

love love love! i want to pair my words with such lovely colors of water. would mary catherine lead a workshop? svp, svp, svp?

see you at the trunk show!

Vintage Butterfly said...

omg, i love them!! so fact, they would look darling, framed and hanging in my girls room...;) lol

kimberly wilson said...

so much fun! oui, we MUST have mary catherine teach a workshop at tranquil space. genius! x