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Friday, February 04, 2011

week in review: bonjour february

week in review
savored a pink macaroon at sugar + champagne humane society benefit (see photo above)
enjoyed yummy dinner at cafe green with lovely ladies
had french brunch in georgetown with mama wilson + carol
manager meetings
studio manager interviews (fab candidates!)
dentist (no cavities = hurrah)
bed by 10pm two nights
saw mama wilson off to super shuttle (last flight home before midwest blizzard)
hosted mindfulness meditation
2 days at internship = client sessions, led group, gave case presentation
picked up new fab book at anthropologie (photo above)
took mama wilson to first anthropologie experience (and picked up fab slip skirt 
donning under 2in1 flare top in above photo = love)
got word from fabric supplier that honeysuckle fabric ordered in december won't arrive until march due to delays with import. le sign. TranquiliT spring collection comes late march now. 
wrote muse for tranquil space newsletter
oodles of baths
purchased darling swirly girl cards to put in TranquiliT orders
2.5 hr vino + dessert with beloved girlfriend
indulged in 2 yoga classes
shipped TranquiliT orders
prep for hosting tonight's book club on "living your yoga" by judith lasater
tea with old friend in town from san fran

still to do. this weekend's plans:
post february dreams
prep for creative biz consultant call
write 3 papers for school
host sunday brunch
teach 4 hours of teacher training
host art + yoga in france retreat planning gathering 
indulge in yin yoga
sit fireside + read for pleasure (vs school)

what's on your weekend line up? sending you oodles of love. 
giveaway announcement cOMing this weekend. xx

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Ashley Miller said...

"Savy Chic" looks like a wonderful read! :)

My weekend line up:

~enjoy daily "nature walks"
~be "in the flow" at work
~savor relaxing evening w/ significant other
~start heirloom seeds indoors for spring garden
~nourish my body with plenty of fruits & veggies
~sip "Get Clean" detox tea

Unknown said...

Hi Kimberly, I found this website today and thought you might find it interesting:

I have to do a lot of homework but I'll be sure to break it up with tea and friends and doing nothing! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great and busy week and weekend for you!
Lets see this weekend

-Work for a few hours ( deadline coming up must finish up a few things)
-Catch up on posting my 365 project
-Go to my Dad's book signing/meditation
-A bit of organizing
-Planning my week
-Write and post my part 2 of Inspiration hunting and how it can help you get to know you ( on photography)
-Veg with hubby
Oh and I probably should grocery shop!

J said...

These swirl cards are so pretty. I think I'll order a set and give them out to students after classes this month.

monique said...

hi Kimberly!
looks like it was a fabulous week. wow! i JUST added Savvy Chic to my Amazon wishlist yesterday! thought i could find it at my local library, but they don't have it, so...i guess i'll be ordering it! :)

my weekend to-dos:

*savor some pre-sunrise yoga
*art journaling
*catch up on podcast listening
*give myself a mani
*deep condition my hair
*sip my new favorite Yogi "Sweet Thai Delight" tea
*run with a friend on sunday morning
*spend time reading with my kids
*alone time with my hubby
*plan for the week ahead!

AZ said...

I picked up the same book at Anthropologie the other day! It's a pretty good read so far.

kimberly wilson said...

love all your weekend plans! and, ohhhh, do nothing for 2 minutes sounds intriguing. merci, mandy. xx

monique said...

thank you Mandy! i went to the do nothing for 2 minutes site today-- it's fabulous! definitely something i must do daily. you will enjoy it, Kimberly (if you haven't already done it)!