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Sunday, February 27, 2011

things i love: weekend in pictures

1. she: kissing le pug while enjoying lunch outside. he: yawns with boredom.

2. yummy banana split

3. louis peeking under the ivy in search of food

4. the first bite out of a vanilla princess cupcake topped with strawberry icing

5. blowing bubbles at 4-hour tranquil space foundation training

6. hosting TranquiliT trunk shows

7. kale chips rock my world

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Carrie Writes said...

what a creative idea I am going to have to try it

Caren said...

Love love love the pug pic!!! xo

Torri said...

i had kale chips for the first time at the raw tasting event a few weeks ago... yum!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Hope that you are feeling better now...

Love blowing bubbles (my children love those little bubble pots)... so relaxing and fun.

Analiese said...

I've been loving your "things i love" posts...they're always filled with so much beauty and creative inspiration!

I recently discovered Brad's Kale Chips and I am so obsessed. My husband's been teasing me about "stockpiling" them because I usually have three containers in the pantry at once!

kimberly wilson said...

thanks so much, ladies. delighted you are enjoying the "things i love" weekly muse. it's a joy to write! x

Gina said...

I also adore Brad's Kale Chips. I have been munching on the Vampire Killer (garlic) flavor. My poor co-workers!