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Thursday, February 24, 2011

bonjour from bed

it appears that many are down for the count this week. 
tons of flu-like symptoms floating around and a general malaise. i've had an achy body, fever, and headache lately, but nothing terribly debilitating - just enough to send me to bed super duper early most nights. yet today when i woke up, i couldn't move. alas, here's a view from bed. around noon i got antsy and had to pull out the laptop. will head to the shower shortly and hope for an increase in energy from my organic lush products and hot water. interesting that so many people are battling something this week, don't you think?
my diagnosis: we need spring. we're ready for a rebirthing, a sense of freshness, newness, and yellow daffodils popping up from the barren earth. i'm no doctor, 
but this is my oh-so-"professional" opinion. agree? 

bisous from bed. x

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Leslie said...

Totally agree....bring on spring! I have walking pneumonia and have literally been in bed or on the sofa for 5 (yes, 5) days now. So looking forward to feeling back to my normal, healthy self!

Caiti said...

I was sick last week, and it definitely seems like everyone else has come down with something this week. I agree that we're ready for spring-- I just blogged today about having Spring Fever and longing for fresh flowers and berries and sunshine! Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

aww I hope you feel better! I too would not mind spring, though I can not complain as i live in Monterey where there has been fairly decent weather! Sometimes our bodies force us to slow down and nurture them as they are giving us little signs along th way that we are too hurried to hear..
Feel better..

Mallory Ann said...

Totally agree... I am sick in New York and sick of the weather in New York... I want some sunshine!

Wellness Journey said...

Everyone in Nebraska is sick! 58 kids sent home yesterday from school.... i am sick of being sick lol.. WARM WEATHER PLEASE

Vintage Butterfly said...

Feel better soon, Kimberly (and everyone else who is sick and reading this as well). My littlest one is sick with a fever today and having a hard time...I agree that spring just can't come fast enough this year!


Anonymous said...

I hate feeling sick- but at least days in bed are nice!

Caitlin said...

aww daffys would be DIVINE right now!!!

Anonymous said...

From the time I have started reading the articles you have been posting, I have become very keen in learning more and more. Now I can proudly say that I know little and that too thanks to you!!!


Cherie said...

Definitely need spring...and soon. Hope you're feeling better!

kimberly wilson said...

merci for your kind words. feeling much better today. totally seems to be in the air this week. sending ALL lots of healthy, healing thoughts. x