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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

blues + boots

today began at 4am. le sigh. had a 6am alarm set but my beloved animals had other plans. 
alas, since i was awake, thanks to their antics, and knew i had oodles of TranquiliT packages to ship, i got up and began my day. it's now 10pm and my body is ready for a dreamy night of slumber. before i crawl under the covers i wanted to share my beloved floor length blue and black skirt from india with vintage cowboy boots peeking under that i've donned all day. it's the little things. despite being sleep deprived, tuesday was a joyful day topped with blues + boots. wishing you a blissful eve. xx

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shinyyoga said...

how GREAT are you going to sleep tonight?!! enjoy & sweet dreams x

kimberly wilson said...

awww, indeed. slept. like. a. bebe. x