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Friday, January 07, 2011

week in review: week un a la 2011

a lovely start to the new year.

* 4 yoga classes
* taught 1 yoga class + launched weekday mindfulness meditation class
* 5 manager meetings
* tv segment re: tips o' tranquility
* tranquility du jour tv vlog on 2011 intentions
* crafted agendas for 2 meetings this weekend
* food + goody bag shopping + prep for saturday's new year, new you urban retreat
*  2 days at n street village internship
* wine + cheese date with fellow intern at veritas wine bar
* gym date with le beau
* took le pug to doggy day care today and he's snoring like an old man
* picked up the most beautiful roses (see above photo)
* launched 21-day yoga challenge at tranquil space
* requested yogis' intentions to post in tranquil space window
* indulged in a mani, pedi, and foot massage
* 1.5 hour conference call with accountant (don't. like. numbers.)
* chose my classes for squam and am eagerly awaiting the registration date
* soaked in oodles of lush-filled baths
* met with contractor and architect to discuss a redesign of tranquil space's entry area

i still have some intention setting and organizing chez moi to do, but am feeling good about the launch into a new decade so far. how about you? have you settled back to reality yet? many people still feel out of sorts post-hollydaze. let the process unfold. 358 sunny days and starlight nights plus 4 beautiful seasons await you this year. let's make every day an experience. 

mindfulness. mindfulness. mindfulness. bisous.

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moi said...

Excited to spend today with you, Hilary and fellow yogis at your new year's urban retreat. Here's to a transformative 2011!