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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

vintage silk dress = true love

after 8 hours of internship + 2 hours at the studio, le beau and i headed to dinner for "date night." afterwards we ducked inside this darling secondhand book and vintage clothing shop on connecticut avenue called kultura. i came upon this gorgeous silk dress and pondered it for my 7-year anniversary dinner at elizabeth's gone raw featuring kris carr of crazy, sexy cancer.
instead le beau offered it for me as an anniversary gift. awww,
we were both on the same page. it's now hanging 
as a piece of art chez moi.

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Vintage Butterfly said...

it is so beautiful, you will be stunning as usual in it. :)

Green Chic said...

i am not sure what is better...that dress or that you get to meet kris carr!!!! what a sweet treat for you :)

kimberly wilson said...

isn't it so fabulous!!??

yes, very excited to meet kris carr after a day o' meditating with sharon salzberg + celebrating 7 years with le beau. xx