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Sunday, January 23, 2011

things i love

1. these gorgeous handmade malas via carol meyers of coco yogini. touch in person at tranquil space. made with oodles of love.

2. this oh-so-dreamy tiny cottage featured in new york times and created by 
sandra foster of my shabby streamside studio.

3. convertible clothing getting play in this week's new york times
yay clothing with oodles of ways to wear!

4. pink pig valentines sent to me by arwa of gemkitty. too cute!

5. le beau. yesterday we celebrated our 7th year together. awwww.

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Vintage Butterfly said...

So cute, congrats on your 7 years! :)

I love the cottage too, I have a pic in my visual journal of it. :)

AZ said...

Congratulations on 7 years together!

Love that dress and the cottage is super dreamy!

Arwa said...

kw. I thought you'd like the piggie valentines :)

That cottage is ahmaaaazing. I like to day dream about building a backyard tiny house and turning it into my special creative space...mmmm

Torri said...

It was that cottage that inspired me to get all white furniture in my new room... and to replace one of the ceiling lights with a chandelier.