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Saturday, January 15, 2011

i dream in french

not really. but i love the saying.

dreams are (and always have been) a big focus for me. what are my dreams? am i moving toward said dreams? have i crystallized my dreams fully? does my day to day contribute to my dreams? are my dreams making enough of an impact? and on and on.

wheels spin in my mind. to-dos pile up. emails overwhelm. and i'm left with the ongoing question as to whether i'm doing enough, focusing on my strengths, and making a difference. et toi, relate?

it's important to take a step back, create space, and do strategic planning. for some that may be journaling (preferably combined with artistic play), for others it involves power points and excel spreadsheets (boo). either way, i'm longing for a chance to gain clarity on a plan. what do i want for my businesses, creativity, spirituality, do-gooding, and personal life in 2011? i've outlined it, but it needs a bow tied around it. you know, a clearly defined plan. could it be the word i played with in my 2011 vlog "reinvent"? 

hmmm, to ponder. for now, i'm off to get a hot stone massage and bask in being (not thinking or planning) for a moment. 

dreaming in french. will you join moi? bisous.

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Anonymous said...

I totally relate, to the questions you ask yourself.. I am introspective as well. I do heart resolutions so I put the words that I want to represent my year, yet I still need and want tasks and goals to check off the lists! I know I need to change many things this year for setting a foundation of the many things I want to create and do in my life. I hope that you also take the time to celebrate all you do. You are an inspiration to many people, including me. I have been listening to all of your podcasts, I mean from the very first one trough now. I just go in everyday and choose one to fit my mood. I have discovered some really great and fun things too since I started following your blog and listening to your podcast. It's reminded me again and again how much creativity is important to me, inspired a love for tea, and solidified a bigger more solid commitment of yoga on and off the mat.
So please do take the time to celebrate what you do, who you are and what you bring to the world!

Wellness Journey said...

How do you always know EXACTLY what i need at EXACTLY the time i need it!

Analiese said...

I so's important to find that blend of creative dreaming + artistic planning. As I prepare to launch my business, I often find myself a tad overwhelmed by to-dos. Staying focused on the big picture helps me ensure I'm aligning my energy with my priorities. xoxo

kimberly wilson said...

ladies, thanks for your input. reflection, reflection, reflection must be combined with being. delicate balance - especially when seeking a pretty pink vintage bow to go around, well, everything! xx