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Friday, December 03, 2010

i. heart. pigs.

remember walter? the piglet i fell in love with 6 weeks ago? well, i got to see him again last weekend when i took my parents out to the beloved pig sanctuary. he came running to the fence when he was called. SO sweet. it was a very chilly day so we didn't get to spend much time with him but i was so happy to see him. he's as personable and loving as a dog . . . with pink eyelashes! note him in the promo postcard AND lower left hand photo. he's becoming such a big boy. j'adore. have a BIG crush on him.

spanky, my other sponsored pig, came out to say hello and get a few scratches before nestling back into the hay. the pig in the upper right corner was literally happy as a pig in mud. mama wilson + pops are BIG kittie lovers so i sponsored bobby + mara for them. meow.

consider supporting the *great* work of the pig sanctuary. see their cute promo below featuring walter as the all-star cover boy. i'm so proud of him! xx

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