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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top 10 tips for Tranquility during the upcOMing Holly Daze

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I'm writing to encourage tranquility during the upcOMing holly daze! Here are my top 10 tips for basking in being despite the hustle of the season:

1. Savor a bed day. (How to on p. 86-87 of Tranquilista)

2. Let go of expectations and bask in the moment.

3. Accept others for who they are. Remember, the only person we can change is ourselves. Oui, even Aunt Bessie.

4. Join moi for a 4-week e-course outlining ways to live life fully, with tranquility, and a dash of flair. The four sessions focus on favorite tranquility tools and are broken out into mind, body, soul, and a combo module. During the course, you will have access to a private blog complete with musings and weekly podcasts, along with a sprinkling of lifestyle-focused videos. Starts THIS Wednesday. Details here.

5. Dial in for inspiration. Over 200 episodes of tranquility available for free via the Tranquility du Jour podcast on iTunes. Check out the new iPhone app, too.

6. Get moving: yoga, walking, biking, hiking, snow shoeing, skiing, ice skating.

7. Do-good: reach out to another being in need. Hold a door for someone, volunteer at a soup kitchen, do a canned food drive, collect toiletries for a homeless shelter, adopt an animal, sponsor a rescued farm animal.

8. Sit in quiet meditation.

9. Savor a hot bath. Nothing calms my mind, warms my body, or nurtures my spirit quite like a soak in the tub topped with soothing bath products.

10. Curl up with a good book. A few of my favorites will soon be noted in the sidebar of my blog, Tranquility du Jour.

What are *your* favorite tranquility tips during this season?

May your launch of the holly daze be filled with tranquility. You are beautiful. Namaste.


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Lynne from NY said...

These are great reminders! I just signed up for the e-course, looking forward to more tools. :)

Dawn said...

I try to do a lot of these things, but it is always nice to have a reminder!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Lizzie said...

totally wish i could do the e-course.. some time soon i hope..
my favorite way to stay cool calm and collected during the holidays is being spending quality time with those people i love... time is truly the one gift that anyone can give.. it's all about creating memories and a moment. I try to my hardest to give as many 'moments' as i can over the holidays!