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Thursday, November 04, 2010

november dreams/october review

a fresh month, a new start. what are you dreaming of?

november dreams
1. soak in the experience of india (november 10-22)
2. lead inspiring classes in india, at internship, and at tranquil space
3. 4 full charity classes at tranquil space on thanksgiving (i'll be there greeting with fresh-baked cookies)
4. bask in thanksgiving weekend at the cabin with family
5. return to pig sanctuary to reunite with walter, zeus, and more
6. gym, yoga, sit 5X/week
7. host inspiring front desk team meeting this sunday
8. begin working on TranquiliT holiday marketing
9. have 300 weekly yogis at our new arlington hOMe
10. productive tranquil space foundation follow-up meeting DONE
11. reflect, reflect, reflect
12. review jennifer lee's new book right brain business plan for new world library

october dreams
1. host fun dinner party for a few friends. DONE
2. see facebook move. (tonight!) DONE
3. host 2 fun hip hop yoga workshops. DONE
4. raise $3k for tranquil space foundation at october 14 event. DONE
5. savor removal of pink cast + launch into more physical therapy. DONE
6. showcase TranquiliT at green festival. see old friends and meet new ones! DONE
7. meet new pigs to sponsor at pig sanctuary on october 17. DONE
8. write activism blog post now that i'm less raw. TO DO
9. find time for studying among new schedule. le sigh. TO DO
10. savor arist date with hope next friday. yay art journaling! RESCHEDULED
11. take louis to pet blessing. so excited. HE'S BLESSED
12. complete 4 MSW assignments successfully. DONE
13. host insightful, informative client advisory board session (open to all tranquil space members) next friday. DONE
14. oodles of gym, yoga, sit (meditation) DOING
15. continue getting up early. helps to get a jump start on the day. DOING

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Unknown said...

Awesome job getting so much done in October! That's one productive month!!

nourishthespirit said...

Wow. I love this idea.Hip hop yoga? sounds so fun.v