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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

au revoir dc, bonjour india


dashing off to the airport shortly and wanted to do a quick post.

above is a new tee i'm having printed inspired by this one.  love, love, love the look!

fun feature on britt bravo's blog. have i mentioned i heart pigs?

books are packed (hardest part) and all in one medium suitcase with an extra bag and yoga mat. not bad! video of packing extravaganza with mama wilson forthcOMing.

wishing all a beautiful few days. hope to be online to share photos + insights along the way. AND will be hosting a special event at tranquil space in the new year cOMplete with a slideshow, videos, trunk show, and indian food to share the experience.


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Genevieve Luna said...

love it! when can I order one?

Kimberly @ said...

Bon voyage!

Vintage Butterfly said...

I want a tee!!! :) So adorable!

Hope you have a fabulous trip! :)