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Sunday, October 17, 2010

the bliss of brunch + other weekend mOMents

photos from brunch at l'enfant cafe in dc last sunday

walking louis the pug among fall foliage

slicing fresh, local apples and eating one by one

tearing orange tops off tiny vanilla cupcakes and only eating the icing

adding new blogs to my google reader (and hoping i'll look at it more than every few months)

finding donna karan's awesome website and feature of women who inspire

yoga on the deck with sunlight pouring through red and yellow leaves
falling in love with piglet walter at the pig sanctuary

slowly consuming a vanilla cupcake topped with lavender icing

purchasing and perusing french women don't get fat at a second hand bookstore

i hope your weekend has been full of equally blissful moments.
after all, life is one mOMent after the other and meant to be savored. bisous.

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