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Friday, September 24, 2010

week in review


candles are lit, pug is snoring, and i'm about to crawl into bed for sOMe much-needed reading and regrouping. oui, very exciting friday night chez moi.

as i noted on wednesday, i have a TON to share re: activist thoughts and i plan to sit down for my soap box this weekend to pour my heart out. still adjusting to my new part-time job at n-street village and loving the challenge, but struggling to ensure everything happens timely . . . with sprinkles of self-care.

it's been a yummy week full of tears (will share in activist post), excitement (launch of new e-course), and gratitude (for growth).

- gramma turned 98 (note photo of her exhausted before party + over the moon when chocolate cake was brought out)
- participated in first protest
- received photos from arlington's opening fete last friday (see above)
- top 5 tips of tranquility was featured on chickagoan's website
- was interviewed for ananda leeke's radio show
- was interviewed for yahoo! shine on how yoga has changed my life
- met with kacy paide again for office organization efforts: new look to cOMe
- hosted "frolic into fall" teleclass
- launched "the tranquility project" e-course
- hit gym 2X
- took restorative yoga class (a blog post in and of itself to come on this experience)
- saw "the tillman story" - highly recommend
- goodbye brunch with beloved family who moved back to japan. le sigh.
- yummy, spontaneous lunch with beau
- front desk meeting with arlington team
- set up zappos tour for my weekend in vegas (over halloween - woo hoo!)
- met with mentoring client
- got new, cute tags + stamp for TranquiliT's fall merchandise tags
- launched *new* tranquility du jour podcast iPhone app
- came across fabulous article by richard branson on top 5 secrets to business success
- savored pistachio and strawberry gelato with fellow interns

as i struggle to find my way among these added responsibilities (part-time job), new disabilities (healing shoulder + hand in cast), and a deep desire for tranquility, i look forward to sharing the adventure with you. life is continually offering opportunities for growth and i'm grateful for the chance to push my boundaries in so many ways - having a supervisor for first time in 10+ years, working inside someone else's organization, juggling a 20-hour commitment in addition to current roles, getting up early on a regular basis.

my hope is that i continue to discover tranquility tools and tips to share along the way. one big one that is pushed in the helping profession is taking care of yourself so that you can take care of your clients. even if you don't have clients, i encourage you to do at least one decadent thing for yourself this weekend: farmer's market, bookstore, matinee, facial, road trip, museum, pedicure, yoga class. whatever it is, consider it a necessity for tranquility.


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Lexi said...

I (heart) gramma!!