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Saturday, September 18, 2010

week in review: polaroids, parties, pink

savoring a sunny saturday afternoon and musing from my comfy pillow-filled bed.

slowly settling into a new routine that includes 20 hours a week of school (on campus + internship) and my return to teaching after a 4-month hiatus. feeling full of gratitude and have a block of time before an evening meeting so here i am. musing on my week in review that included polariods, parties, and, always, oodles of pink.

week in review:
- started hour-long annual check-ins with tranquil space's talented teaching team
- matinee date with beau to see the tillman story - highly recommend!
- found the cutest free polaroid picture program - "snaps" photo with sound of polaroid and slowly develops on your screen
- hosted a fun fete last night for our arlington cOMmunity
- rode my pink bike all over town. tricky with a cast but perfect for commuting to my internship at n street village
- chatted with facilitator for next weekend's annual tranquil space team retreat
- taught chair yoga to my beloved seniors at sunrise assisted living
- class for 4 hours, internship 16 hours
- got immunized in prep for trip to india: typhoid, hep b, tetanus, polio (ouch!)
- paid oodles of bills for businesses (electricity, gas, contractor, internet, printing, and more)
- party supply run
- oodles of allergy pills - anyone else suffering? wowza, ragweed!
- picked up some fun sparkly tights, new pink knit hat, and sparkly scarf. j'adore the blending of pink, noir, and silver = perfection
- meditated with sharon salzberg on monday night.
- brunch with beau at kramer's
- tickets to vegas to see girlfriend over halloween plus tour zappos
- shipped TranquiliT and approved final layout of new website: launches oct. 1

must confess, this internship is helping me find balance. adding 16 hours to my schedule of work above and beyond what's on my plate has been insightful on many levels. i no longer see everything as urgent. i am scheduling more self-care and canceling events that feel beyond my capacity at the mOMent. i am observing other professionals at work (first time in 10 years).

this is sure to be an amazing learning opportunity on so. many. levels.


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