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Sunday, September 05, 2010

september dreams du jour

so what's in store for september? hmmm, you may recall my dreams of fall post a few weeks ago. it was the perfect jump start to begin pondering what's in store for the rest of the year. 4 months to go, 168 hours each week, and the launch into the most beautiful season . . . fall. many of you agreed that it was a beloved season. so what do *you* have up your beautiful bell sleeves? moi? see below . . .

september dreams

1. acclimate (with grace) to new schedule that includes 2.5 days MSW plus hOMework and running TranquiliT, tranquil space, tranquil space foundation, and hip tranquil ventures
2. get visa for india adventure
3. host fun-filled grand opening soiree for tranquil space arlington: september 17: cOMe!
4. finalize TranquiliT's new website and launch fall collection (sample hOMepage above)
5. finalize deets on a new york city book event
6. savor time with beau's family at annual corn roast festival in upstate new york
7. heal, heal, heal
8. host inspirational and informational retreat for tranquil space team on september 26
9. host festive dinner party for beloved couple
10. launch the tranquility project e-course - woo-hoo!
11. host inspiring fall teleclass on september 20
12. be fully present with each teacher during our annual check-ins
13. gym 2-4X/week, yin yoga daily, meditation daily
14. sponsor some piggies from the pig sanctuary
15. have a big ol' artist date. yum!
16. balance finances. explore anyone use it and love it?
17. prep work to help make 4th annual tranquil space foundation celebration a success. save the date: october 14 at the darlington house in dc.

august dreams

1. savor lots of family time: parents, aunt, uncle, gramma - DONE
stay healthy during this travel-intense month (exercise, eat well, hydrate) - TRIED
3. get signed copies of books on etsy as a start to my forthcoming (promise!) store - DOING
e-course FAQS - LE SIGH, DOING
5. *new* tranquility project e-course - DONE
6. bask in silent meditation retreat august 20-22
7. date nights in various cities with beau - DONE
create right brain business plan journal a la jennifer lee - STILL TO DO
9. host fun, inspiring events at B+N + indie book stores in texas - DONE
10. read turning the mind into an ally and finish non-violent communication - DONE
11. finalize partnership with 1% for the planet - DONE AND WITH TREES FOR THE FUTURE
12. launch *new* - DONE
13. draft of *new* - DONE . . . SOOOOO CUTE! SEE ABOVE.

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Shizuka said...

I love the new tranquiliT website design. So cute.