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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tour de texas recap

final mOMents in oklahOMa. beau has stuffed oodles of hOMemade meditation cushions and bolsters into his car and we'll be heading back toward dc shortly. he hopes to do the 24-hour drive straight while switching off. we'll see. the trick is that we have lots to handle at hOMe before i head out for my silent meditation retreat so the sooner we get back, the better.

crazy to think that next week is the end of august and my thumb surgery! i was just getting used to my regular yoga practice again. this month has flown by with all of our adventures and travels. when i get notes from people back hOMe saying "hope you're having a great vacation!," i laugh. if *this* is a vacay, i want a refund!

alas, the journey has been delightful, rewarding, and more than expected. i wanted to note a few highlights:

- spending a day with my beloved 98-year-old gramma (who told my aunt how fun it was to play with "hillary." um, my name is "kimberly.")
- sipping bubbly + soaking feet in my uncle's creek (lower right image) while minnows nibbled on my toes
- reconnecting with my of old friends including a girl i backpacked around europe with, my sorority lil sis, a BFF from college, texas transplants from dc
- listening to live country music at billy bob's with beau
- shopping vintage stores along south congress in austin
- checking in 2-5X/day on sir louis the pug at camp parents
- picking up new cowboy boots
- meeting new friends at 5 book events in texas
- spending two down days at the crossings green resort
- never running out of things to chat about with beau, despite 16 straight days together so far
- practicing yoga in randOM hotel rooms
- penning fall goals while poolside
- picking up new pink tea mug (my former mug was purchased in 2005 and had becOMe a petri dish)
- falling in love with the eat, pray, love soundtrack and seeing the film as an artist's date
- reading, reading, reading
- art journaling with mum
- showing up at barnes and noble to a darling sign featuring tranquilista

all in all, a beautiful adventure. still half of a month to go and a few more adventures:

- silent meditation retreat *this* friday - sunday
- oodles of podcast interviews
- thumb surgery
- back to school

wishing you a fancy and fabulous rest of august. what's on your agenda?


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Anonymous said...

i LOVE the one shouldered dress you are wearing! when is it going to be available? i have to have it :)

You can call me Tawny.... said...

it sounds like you are having a wonderful time!
I hope you dont mind but I mentioned you on my blog & gave a link to you!!

Have a safe trip & lots of fun!