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Saturday, August 14, 2010

the power of experience

as i sit at starbucks, listening to cafe tunes and sipping micronutrient water (whatEVER that is), i'm pondering the power of experience.

during this adventure i've coined as "tour de texas," i've been blessed with the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and family - sOMe i haven't seen for 15 years! despite the exhausting travel, i've tried to focus on creating an experience at each stop. bringing flowers and fave reisling (chateau st. michelle) or presecco to homemade dinners, gifting book event attendees with vanilla-scented tea lights as a reminder to keep shining and bask in self-care, being as fully present as possible with the person in front of me at each mOMent, and hitting "the world's largest honky tonk" despite a long day.

life is made up of experiences, moments, encounters, and memories. having just spent an hour with my fave woman in the world (98-year-old gramma!), i am feeling full of gratitude for each opportunity i have to connect with such a phenomenal woman.

when setting the table, getting dressed, teaching a yoga class, or taking your child to soccer practice, i encourage you to ponder the power of experience. how can you make it a moment to remember? light a candle. add a vintage accessory. insert a love note into the luggage. a dash of sprinkles on top are sure to make life more flavorful.
(note gramma is resident of the month - SO proud of her!)

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Melita said...

that moment between you and your gramma is priceless (not to mention extremely adorable!!) hugs!!

Anonymous said...

i love this post. :)

Shizuka said...

Your gramma is so cute, and funny!