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Friday, July 30, 2010

week in review: craving macarons a la paris

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bon soir from bed.

before i retreat into slumber, i wanted to spend a moment in reflection to highlight this oh-so-eventful week. to give it gratitude and to give me insight. here goes:

hosted fave family out at beau's cabin
spent hours reading 168 hours - half way done
began tracking how my 168 hours are spent
penned oodles of thank yous
chose colors for new tranquil space arlington (TSA) walls (one is called "milk + cookies")
had tea with the former director of women's biz center
met with doctors for pre-surgery visit (thumb surgery august 26)
interviewed + hired new TSA tranquility concierge
finalized new hOMepage for (forthcoming)
shipped 40 packages o' TranquiliT
mentored corporate client
shopped IKEA for hours today: bamboo stalks, glass containers, fixtures
picked up plants for outdoor pots at TSA: impatiens, boxwoods + ivy
1 yoga class
2 gym experiences
1 physical therapy
1 meditation class
last week of summer school = completed first year of MSW
sent tranquil space august newsletter
got an iphone: still learning how to use it
chat with webmaster on redesign
pizza + cake with old friend while watching "jersey shore" - don't ask
coordinated family meet-ups in texas during upcoming tour
prepped for hosting of tomorrow's bebe shower

a delightful week indeed. 3 l.o.n.g. days ahead moving TSA and sprucing it up before dashing off to oklahoma and texas for 2 weeks. and, sadly, i've been blessed with a summer cold. while beau enjoys a night out, i'm curling up for a night in.

if only it involved the colorful macarons in the photo above. *that* would make it complete.


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Mindy said...

Hi Kimberly,

I hope you lose that summer cold quickly! Get lots of rest... well as much rest as is possible considering your schedule :-)

I printed out the 168 hours spreadsheet, but haven't started tracking yet. Thank you for another inspirational resource!

I just got back from Paris where I drooled over all the beautiful macaroons...



Vintage Butterfly said...

The summer cold is going around...both my husband and myself are suffering with one as well. Lots of fluids and oodles of rest. Hope your feeling better soon. :)