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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

tips o' tranquility

Darling readers,

As I continue to procrastinate on my 15-page paper due tomorrow (grrr), I figured I should do a blog post, too. And maybe clean, organize, plan 2011 . . .

Above is a photo from a talk I gave Saturday to a lovely group of ladies who were joining Molly from Stratejoy for an all-day workshop here in DC. Donning the fall TranquiliT sample of a one-shoulder caftan and a beloved pink beret I picked up in Santa Barbara, I shared snippets from my 11-year journey along with fave tips for tranquility in work and play.

A few highlights include:

1. Spirituality is a priority. Connect within through ongoing reflection, learning, and growing. Write in your journal. Connect with your breath.

2. Take action. Take a moment to note where your time and energy is focused. Reflect on where you want your time and energy to go. Explore ways to shift if reality doesn't match your dreams.

3. Your life is art. Color outside the lines. Indulge in an artist date. Browse a bookstore or art gallery. Get crafty. Carry your digital camera at all times to snap inspiration in the moment.

4. Exude style. Don clothing that exudes your personality. Send thank you notes. Communicate clearly. Exercise. Nourish your palate.

5. Leave a legacy. Launch something to make a difference. Share your expertise. Tweet your message. Diversify. Give back to the community. Make a difference.

What are *your* favorite ways to find tranquility in work and play?


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Sarah said...

Thanks, Kimberly! I love your blog, podcasts, and enjoyed Tranquilista too. The idea of an artist date is so delicious. I'm lucky to be sitting at a shady cafe right now with my beloved sister. Food for the soul!