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Monday, July 12, 2010

monday musings

bonjour and welcome to monday.

last friday was so harried with the conclusion of my retreat at kripalu (coupled with a much-needed reflexology session and a 7-hour train ride hOMe) that i didn't do my week in review so i'll share a few highlights in today's muse.

i am beyond delighted in this weekend's unfoldings ranging from a mid-day date with beau on saturday complete with reisling, cheese, and a cafe (this never happens), a saturday dinner and movie date with friends, a sunday brunch date with friends, and a 3-hour team retreat for our front desk team. it all felt so decadent and so very good for the soul.

the above photo was taken by the lovely shizuka after our walking meditation to the lake during last week's retreat. as you see, i was deep in thought journaling away while donning my TranquiliT skirt dress with noir patent pumas. interesting look, but perfect for the insane heat we were experiencing.

while journaling i pulled together my thoughts on a table of contents for tranquilology (a possible 3rd book showcasing fave blog posts over the past 5 years):


anything i've missed that you think would be a good add to this possible book (based on the blog)? would love to hear!

also, i began putting my thoughts together on a third e-course titled "the tranquility project" complete with oodles of yummy tranquility tips with a focus on body, mind, and spirit:

yoga (yin, restorative, vinyasa)
art journal
AM/PM reflection rituals
green smoothies
savvy sources

so, that's what my "deep in thought" look was brewin' last week post-walking meditation!

leading our group through 20 hours of retreating in severe heat was exciting and exhausting at the same time. such an amazing group of women and their shared takeaways were mind blowing. it's delightful how much one can absorb during a few days of escape from the day to day. one theme that resonated was the notion of creating an experience. how do *you* make your day an experience?

tonight i start a series on meditation in daily life at the shambhala center. i'm SO excited. i'll be sure to take good notes to pass along. such rich material that i continue to find in buddhist philosophy. can't. get. enough. of. it. lately!

this week i challenge you to find a way to practice tranquility in your every day and create an experience. find one thing that will help you find a sense of peace and do it. write in your journal. buy fresh flowers. take a meditation class. do yoga. dab lavender oil on your wrists. go to bed early. listen to jazz. use the china. sit down for a meal. put a love note in your child's lunch box. put a love note in your own lunch box. brew tea, sit, and sip. rinse, repeat.

how will *you* find tranquility?

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Vintage Butterfly said...

I adore the idea for a new e-course, I so loved the "Tranquilista" e-course and took away so much from it. I would really like to be a part of the new one as well. Sounds delightful. :)

rachal said...

I am very excited about your book of blog posts- I often search back to find certain posts that I loved.... it can be challenging to do this though. the book idea is awesome. when you get a new e-course up and running- I will be there:)

Lizzie said...

the new class ideas sound fab-u-lous.. and it is a course i would love to take... as always, i found inspiration and something to look forward to.. thanks a billion Kimberley!!!

Lizzie said...
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Brie said...

Would love to take the new e-course... and KW, you are too cute in that photo with your tranquiliT outfit and hiking socks/sneakers! :)