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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

bonsoir from kripalu

despite best intentions for 10pm lights out, i'm plugging away in the cafe with hope of handling one. last. thing. sound familiar?

as sultry temps rise here in the mountains, spirits remain high but energy is low. the heat sans AC definitely takes its toll. yay for staying hydrated on cold moroccan mint tea!

in today's session we explored the oh-so-important mantra to focus on process AND product, progress not perfection. some of us many find that we're all about process and struggle to actually get things done. others (such as moi) struggle to savor the process because we're all about the end result (hence my addiction to goal setting). and others have a hard time enjoying the micromovements (progress) made along the way because the focus is too much on perfection (unattainable. truly.). *yummy* food for thought.

in addition we did journal writing that included starting a life list (what are things you *must* do before you die? - ex. pray in india, dance in paris, donate $1 million dollars), savored yin yoga, rested in restorative yoga, dabbled in meditation, practiced alternate nostril breathing, and reflected on the wheel of life exercise (looking at satisfaction in various areas of one's life).

all in all, a very full day.

i'm grateful for the group here - social worker, doctors, special ed teacher, author, tranquil space teacher assistant, yoga teacher, mothers, and more. the perfect group always seem to come together at the right time.

tomorrow is a walking meditation in silence, complete with sun hats and sunscreen, down to the lake (in above photo).

wishing you a moment of tranquility among the scorching heat hitting a lot of the united states at the moment.

think restoration. sip cold tea. take a cool shower. do legs up the wall. spritz your face with refreshing lavender spray.

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