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Friday, June 11, 2010

week in review: OMG, i joined a gym

dearest tranquility du jour readers,

this week has been surprisingly yummy and exhausting at the same time. oodles of shipping and counting TranquiliT, meetings, early rising to hit the gym, and late nights pulling myself offline by 11pm (a goal for 2010 that i'm doing pretty good at!).

pulled out this photo of craft time circa 2007. served up a dose of inspiration for my fave things: leopard print, pink, tea, h2o, biz books, and sewing!

my week in review:
• silly tracking down USPS package drama
• deux physical therapy sessions
• hair coloring with additional brown streaks
• fall TranquiliT sample orders to seamstress
• hit the gym four times for 30-minutes of biking plus sauna time
• interviewed kari chapin of "the handmade marketplace" for an upcoming podcast
• produced the "daily do-gooding" podcast with dana
• counted TranquiliT inventory chez moi + sipped green smoothies with jlo
• interviewed five tranquil space teacher candidates
• savored french fries and sundaes with beloved pal from oklahoma
• 1.5 hour call with my accountant - love her, don't love numbers
tranquil space foundation board meeting to discuss ways to be most efficient
• working with designer on new banner for tranquil space dupont
• deux social policy classes: final AND final paper due next week
• journal writing time
• meetings with tranquil space management team
• began reading zappos' new book: j'adore the CEO
• oodles of lowlighting = brunette
• hit a matinee with beau, noshed on caramel corn (my latest addiction) and saw "holy rollers"- fabulous film
• added a formspring + flickr link to my connect page
• mentoring session with darling aspiring cafe owner

heading out to beau's cabin for the weekend and plan to curl up with my social policy books, notes, and laptop to prepare for my final and finish (actually start) my paper. i hope to savor a few naps, walks in the woods, and reading by the fire.

wishing you a tranquility-filled weekend!


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Sarah said...

You always make school work sound delightful. If only I could convince myself the same. :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad to that you are interviewing Kari Chapin, I have her book and it very helpful and informative.