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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

tranquility to go: chair yoga

tonight we filmed a snippet showcasing my favorite chair yoga poses for the girl-on-the-go for tranquil space's mid-month tranquility tip. note louis the pug's guest appearance despite setting him up in his new bed with his teddy while we were shooting. he doesn't like having the focus off of him.

i struggle a bit with the side bends and eagle arms as they are my first attempts since shoulder surgery in march. it's all coming back slowly but surely. and this is the exact routine i use with my beloved seniors at an assisted living center each month. yoga for all!

i had a dream two nights ago that i did down dog again. bliss. soon it will be reality.

may this video offer up a moment of tranquility into your busy day.


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Rachel said...

Was it really March you had your surgery? Time flies too fast! It looks as though you are healing well.

I love chair yoga. I do it when I end up chained to my computer for too long. I also teach chair yoga to people in hospital and old people. It makes them smile :)

Louis the pug melts my heart, especially the fact he has his own teddy!

Thank you for the tranquility. Love and oms!

Shizuka said...

Thank you Kimberly! This is so helpful.