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Thursday, June 10, 2010

doing things differently + this dress = divine

this week has been an exciting play on doing things differently.

growing frustrated by my inability to move beyond physical therapy, i joined a lovely boutique gym, mint fitness, to indulge in "bike riding" - perfect for a recovering shoulder. i haven't belonged to a gym in 15 years and my have things changed. no more stairmasters (thank gawd!). now there are elliptical, bikes, and more - all with televisions attached. during an early morning bike ride this week i learned how to do smoky eyes a la bobby brown. not bad for multitasking. plus the gym is steps from chez moi and has a steam room, sauna, spa, and mint-infused towels. clearly my kind of place!

beau reminded me that my recent frustrations and overwhelm are probably the result of my inability to indulge in my outlet of the past 15ish years - yoga. thus, i took matters into my own hands and am feeling the effects. shaking things up *always* feels good.

lesson = one needs outlets. god bless yoga.

on another note, can you stand this dress? OMG. look for a twist on it a la TranquiliT this fall. don't we all need a flouncy caftan to galivant around town in? i do!


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Julia said...

I need this TranquiliT dress ASAP. I never travel without my All in One which is definitely going with me to Africa and Egypt next week. I'm glad you like your gym. The sauna sounds divine.

Torri said...

oh my gosh! if u make this black it will shoot to #1 on my birthday wish list for october.