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Saturday, June 05, 2010

au revoir costa rica, bonjour dc

sitting at the costa rica airport with oodles of freshly-purchased goodies for family and friends. j'adore that they have free wifi - have uploaded costa rica photos to facebook, changed an amtrak ticket for my kripalu trip, sent an email with photos to our beautiful retreaters from the week, and handled a few backlogged emails. yay for productivity!

during last night's closing circle, i asked the ladies (and beau) to share their top takeaways and i was honored with their heartfelt answers. in turn, i wanted to share a few of mine:

* eat more eggs: good protein (had the most amazing over easy eggs during this trip)
* less online time (got online sporadically this week and it felt good)
* read more (finished 2 books and rereading a third - despite the fact that i have tons of school reading i should be doing)
* came up with idea inspired by the happiness project to publish a collection of selected blog posts from the past 5 years coupled with personal story and illustrations
* focus more on relationships (nurture the ones i have)
* note triggers (i keep striving to respond vs react and am noticing certain scenarios that trigger reaction. hoping to improve these.)

in addition, i received exciting news from my publisher that tranquilista is going to be published in russian and possibly dutch, too. spirituality, entrepreneurship, and creativity for all!

may i hold the lessons of this week close to my heart as i return to reality sans papaya, hours of hammock time, and rising with the sun.


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Miriam said...

Thanks for such an amazing, inspiring and life changing week!


Unknown said...

Wow, Kimberly!!! Yay for your book in Russian and Dutch! (I happen to be in Holland right now, on vacation- isn't that crazy?). You're really going places. Have a blast in Kripalu. Sending you great thoughts... and thanks for your inspiring blog.