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Friday, May 21, 2010

week in review

au revoir long week. bonjour weekend in oklahoma.

tomorrow morning i dash off to see mum, gramma, and pops in the wild, wild world of oklahoma.

week in review:

- spent a few days recovering from a hurtful comment. believe me, it's not like they are abnormal and i can't take criticism. this particular one threw me for a loop (as my mum would say).
- submitted an issue brief on capital punishment for my social policy class.
- observed 5 hours of tranquil space teacher auditions.
- tolerated an acupuncture session plus 2 physical therapy sessions.
- conducted an exit interview for a beloved manager who is moving.
- hosted a teacher retreat at beau's cabin in the woods.
- savored the most dreamy train ride from dc to west virginia. decided i'd like to do that full-time. basically take trains and look out the window. period.
- moved my twitter account from tranquilista to kimberlywilson. follow me here as the name just opened up!
- took bonnard to the vet for bloodwork. little booger has gone from 18 to 13lbs and looks so skinny. bloodwork came back normal.
- finalizing new summer/fall schedule for tranquil space = more classes
- hosted client advisory board at tranquil space and sent meeting follow-up.
- begged mum and pops to treat louis to "summer camp" at their home in the country during our texas travels. here was my enticing e-mail: "no letting him get eaten by coyotes. he must sleep with you. no closed doors - he likes full access. feed him freeze dried food. no prickers in his feet. he overheats easily. take him to see bison (aka "puppies"). he only walks halfway to the mailbox if it's too hot or he hasn't gotten a proper 10 hours of sleep."
- picked up these GORGEOUS peonies at whole foods this week. they've made the pink palace oh-so-tranquil.
- shipped TranquiliT and requested feedback for fall designs. sketching now!
- signed up for *three* e-courses at the moment and doing my homework for them.
- sent the tranquility du jour newsletter. hope you got it! here's a peek at it.

it's been a delightful week once i moved past the rough start. i felt surprisingly better after writing my wednesday post and SO appreciate your kind words. it's a treat to be connected with such loving souls.

i'm looking forward to cowboy hats, tumbleweed, bison, and country music saturday-tuesday. wishing you all a gorgeous, joy-filled weekend. make it your own.


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Lynne from NY said...

You may want to send a follow-up email to gently remind them he prefers to be called 'Sir Louis' ;)

Unknown said...

Oh your little skinny pug! My little Chi was getting thin, vet stuff came back normal and she is on puppy food now and looking like her filled out self again. Just a thought for your lovely furry friend. Enjoy!