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Friday, May 28, 2010

week in review: oklahoma to costa rica

i started the week in oklahoma and on saturday i head off to costa rica. what juxtaposition!

week in review:
- saw pops' wheat fields
- began my "life list" and crafted with mum
- played cards with gramma (can you stand her hat?) and continue to relish in winning. is that wrong?!
- went to a hearing on the hill for social policy class: oddly exciting
- saw sex and the city 2 and loved it!
- finalized new tranquil space summer schedule: 4 new classes
- made tough decision to surrender teaching classes at tranquil space for the summer due to my travel + healing schedule. first time i won't have taught weekly for 10.5 years. hope to return in september with bells on!
- got surgeon's stamp of approval that i'm making good progress. he promised to "address" returning to exercise in 1 month. address? i thought it was a done deal!
- sent invites via paperless post for friend's bebe shower
- savored writing at a sidewalk cafe
- mani, pedi, brow wax, cut, color
- packing for costa rica
- donned 2in1 ballet top over lounge short + tights (yep, every day this week - see photo above)
- 2 physical therapy sessions
- 2 social policy classes
- helpful therapy session: discussing oodles of transition bubbling up beneath the surface
- wheatgrass shot
- big TranquiliT wholesale handling for beloved body of santa fe
- said "au revoir" to tranquil space foundation programming chair, ana, who is moving to austin

i'm looking forward to spending time with the lovely ladies (+ beau) joining moi in costa rica. papaya, yoga, sunning poolside, reading, and napping await. i'll be sure to send updates and wish each of you a rejuvenating holiday weekend.


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Gina said...

Glad to see that you, Mum, and Grandma are all looking wonderful. Please let your mother know that she is simply stunning, and she's a great model for your clothing. Is that a cardishawl she's wearing?

moi said...

So sweet. Three generations of beauty and grace. Thanks for posting the family photos!

Anonymous said...

you are one busy lady! mmm wheat grass huh?! I might have to get some courage and try that!

Anonymous said...

Three of you look so lovely- and your smiles are identical (and beautiful!)