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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

doing things differently: wednesday IS the new tuesday

ok, whatever, i'm fooling myself that "wednesday IS the new tuesday," but i do think this switcheroo in routine will be good for moi. as buddhism reminds us, the one thing we can count on is change. how often do we suffer due to holding on to the way things were or the way we think they should be?

i'm going to [try to gracefully] embrace the many changes transpiring: teaching schedule change (after 10.5 years), one more final and launch into summer school next week, signed lease on new arlington studio location and beginning the buildout process, a body that can't do yoga for another 6 weeks (my respite) and is slowly healing . . . before its next surgery in july, and a fall schedule that includes working for another organization (my MSW internship) 16 hours/week. change, change, change and more change.

alas, change is good, right? it allows us to shake up our routine, challenge ourselves, and expand our comfort zones. although mine is a bit all at once, i'm excited to see what unfolds because of it all and appreciate you joining me on this journey.

how are *you* doing things differently?


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Anonymous said...

Change seems to be a theme lately...

My whole life has changed so RADICALLY with this return to dance. Everything has changed all at once. From my body shape and size and strength to my mind and heart finally FINALLY truly overcoming a lifetime of depression and anxiety.

All good, all GREAT, right?

But it's still change. And like you, I am trying to embrace all of this with grace. Yet my frustration with the new...old demons popping up every few steps forward...

Ugh. (And I say that with a bit of a smile...)

Fey said...

I'm having to learn to manage my time better now that I've backed myself into a very busy corner, and I'm on a spending fast after realizing that I am getting quite the high off spending money and that's freaking me out. :)

Your studio sounds lovely, and I'm envious in a good way.