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Friday, April 16, 2010

week in review: reflections

as i sit with glassy eyes in the cafe of georgetown's barnes and noble, i wanted to share my week in review. would love to hear yours!

- turned in abnormal psych paper and stats take home exam.
- handled taxes for four entities plus self.
- had tea with old friend on similar path seeking mindfulness.
- taught 3 classes.
- had acupuncture + 2 physical therapy sessions.
- saw hand surgeon to schedule july surgery to repair thumb (condition common in flexi women).
- hosted a fave couple for dinner by candlelight on patio sans mosquitoes.
- played in my visual journal.
- new cut + color a la anna wintour.
- filled out oodles of bank statements and credit card statements for accountant. boo.
- mentoring session with beloved yogini.
- met with judge of next week's eco-chic award at the cocoran gallery (TranquiliT is a nominee).
- evening of revitalization at barnes + noble.
- reflexology indulgence.
- handled oodles of challenging e-mails. was it a full moon?
- skype chat with britt re: off the mat, into the world.
- scheduled 2011 teacher training dates with fellow managers.
- recorded 4th podcast for tranquilista e-course participants on style.

despite a list of completed tasks and pleasant exchanges, i'm feeling less than full at the moment. healing feels like a full-time job that has me heading to acupuncture, physical therapy, doctor appointments, and needing help carrying basics like a laptop and planner pad.

as a blogger since 2004, i've only begun looking at other blogs recently. i'm blown away by the beauty and creativity that shines forth. funny how looking at other people's greatness can leave me inspired and . . . feeling sub par. anyone else struggle with this dilemma?

for example, i'm totally into visual journaling now and so inspired by lisa sonora beam and hope wallace karney's journals. OMG. gorgeous.

a friend passed along the above image of a self-improvement section where she saw my book. it's a good reminder that we are *all* works in progress. constantly given the opportunity to grow and repot ourselves as we outgrow - even if our journals aren't *yet* works of art.

planting seeds,

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Wellness Journey said...

met with a nutritionist to host a healthy business after hours at the studio
worked on budget with my BF and accountant
played with my visual journal
set up a will
did om work for weekly e-course with Kimberly
started getting my 4 month old on a better sleep schedule

Sarah said...

All so true. I often find myself saying in my head, if only I were as good with supporting and helping myself as I am with my clients.

Vintage Butterfly said...

This week was the dark and new moon...which is probably why the things going on are personal. That is the moon time for dealing with the inner self and our true "workings". I am always left feeling very introspective and not fitting in to society on the dark moon. I have my day of crying and oodles of journal writing and yoga and self nurturing, and when I awake the next day, I feel much much better!

We all are better at helping others then with ourselves. Unfortunately, it is because it is much easier to pick out someone else' flaws and want to help them, then to deal with the shadows in our own closet.

Hoping you have a fabulous week!


Britt Bravo said...

Thanks for the Not So Big Life recommendation. I love it!

I like this quote on page 36:

"Whenever we engage in a project, we perceive that project as being something out there in the world, something outside ourselves. But when our to-do list is running us instead of serving us as a management aid, it's a flag that we've lost sight of the inspiration and vision behind what we're doing. Although it seems that the point lies in the successful completion of the project, in fact the only reason for doing it is to be fully engaged in the experience, so that we can learn more about who we truly are."

Anonymous said...

I struggle with that so much - especially now
trying to venture into my own business I look at all the wonderful and beautiful art out there - can't help but think what makes mine so special?
It good to know though that I am not alone
and look all you have done and you still feel that way