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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wednesday is the new tuesday

change is in the air.

i announced to my beloved tuesday night crew that i'd be sans tuesday for the next year due to graduate school. my, oh my. what a BIG change in my lifestyle. i've been teaching tuesday nights since i started the studio in my living room in 1999. 11 years of patterning. soon i'll be moving to wednesdays and taking classes tuesday nights.

one of my longtime students (who i always try to convince to stay for both classes) said to me, "think wednesday is the new tuesday." i loved it. told him i was stealing this as my new mantra.

with so much change transpiring at the moment in my own life (school + injuries), i thought this was perfect to ponder. on monday while en route to school, i tweeted the mantra above "ponder what seeds you're planting, what needs watering, and what needs weeding." sarah, a darling yogini and twitter follower, turned the tweet into the above graphic and passed it along. love it.

so, i beckon you to ponder the same:

1. what seeds are you currently planting?
moi: education/professional development

2. what needs watering?
moi: personal relationships, down time, crafty/creative time, studying time

3. what needs weeding?
moi: clutter - mental and physical

would love to hear how your garden grows.


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Anonymous said...

I love this.

kimberly wilson said...

delighted to hear. good stuff to ponder! xx

Art and Clasp said...

Thanks for the prompt to think about this Kimberly. Here's how my garden is looking:

Currently planting:
Etsy business/marketing, planning return move home to New Zealand, half-marathon training.

Needs watering:
More time with my wonderful girlfriends before I leave the U.S., yoga practice, and healthy diet (too much sugar and mindless snacking).

Needs weeding:
Ruminating on the past -- not an easy task.

Good luck with your period of transition!

Sarah said...

Great post!
Currently planting: Finishing my 1st year in the doctoral program (esp. without have an anxiety attack over my papers)

Needs watering (a summer goal): To work on enhancing my right brain capacity--add some more creativity to my typical analytical thinking.

Needs weeding: Stress! Need to reduce my stress (and add more yoga).