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Sunday, April 04, 2010

tranquility du jour tv: inspiration folders to inspire

the lovely tranquilista e-course ladies are busily creating inspiration boards so this topic is fresh on my mind. inspired, i sat down this weekend to create some new inspiration folders and wanted to share the journey with you. above are the two inspiration folders i created from the images shown in the video. the images represent a selection of what i love: yoga, macarons, style, paris, gardening, pink hair, loving couples, tea, chocolate, blue bird eggs, bobs, pink, fancy soaps.

2 savvy sources of eye candy:

1. decor8
2. record the day

how to:

1. gather magazines
2. tear out images that appeal
3. glue stick images to reused file folders
4. voila, you have inspiration folders
5. tie a ribbon around for extra finesse
6. store ideas, dreams, to read articles, bills to pay, etc in style

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Art and Clasp said...

You're wearing my necklaces in the video!! They look so fun layered like that, I hadn't thought to do that.

I made a vision board recently too, inspired by listening to one of your older podcasts. I've put it up over my dresser to reflect on every day. I love the idea of making folders for specific topics too, thank you for the inspiration!

Janet said...

love, love, LOVE Record the Day. Was inspired by her some time ago and have created a number of themed collages -not quite file folder size - but a fun way to "play" creatively and keep my fave photos from old mags. Had posted them on my blog some time ago. Will have to see if i can link them here.

Thanks for a wonderful blog and fantastical books!

Janet said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful idea, Kimberly! I am going to get started on my folders....I just got my Anthropologie catalogue in the mail today and there are some great pictures to use in there! :)