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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

closet reorg = feels good

here's a peek into saturday night's closet reorg. look at all the stuff we removed! wow. having a helpful hand made *such* a difference. i usually do this seasonal task alone but the buddy system was much appreciated. here are some before, during, and after shots.

we began with my overstuffed chest of drawers (full of lounge wear, socks, lingerie, and linens) which now opens and closes with ease. then we moved onto each hanging section (dresses, pants, skirts, tops, outerwear), the upper shelving, and my accessory bin full of scarves and necklaces. i got rid of bags of hangers, overworn/vintage TranquiliT, weekend bags circa college, a patterned raincoat, tired jewelry + bags, and linens that were ready for retirement. oh, and an ironing board i hadn't used in over a decade!

i've purchased some real simple slimline hangers to cut down on some of the bulk of my current hangers and to help with slippage (these hangers are flocked). here's a you tube video giving insights into these hangers. i can't wait to get my clothes on 'em!

clearing clutter is incredibly cleansing. i look forward to continuing this process and doing my best to shed an item for each new item brought into chez moi. the key is to start small with a drawer or closet rather than a huge home overhaul. it's shocking what we can accumulate and shedding takes time. what can you spring clean this week?

p.s. georgia o'keefe exhibit GIVEAWAY winners: CBM and lauren. contact me for ticket info. congrats!


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