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Thursday, March 04, 2010

west coast bound: let's connect! xx

dearest friends from san diego to vancouver,

i'm *so* excited about celebrating my MSW spring break by connecting with you out west. here's my itinerary including tv interviews and public events (some topped off with cupcakes, champagne, or tea!).

monday, march 8: 8:30am on bay city tv and 6:30pm in LA for event/book signing
tuesday, march 9: 3pm-4pm view from the bay in san francisco
wednesday, march 10: 8:30am-10am sacramento and company on news10
thursday, march 11: 8:30am-10am on am northwest + 7-8pm tea chai te for event/book signing in portland
friday, march 12: 5-7pm cucpakes + champagne (yum!) event/book signing in seattle
saturday, march 13: chillin' in portland. powells here i come.
sunday, march 14: journey via train to vancouver = divine!
monday, march 15: 8:30am-10am studio4 + 6-8pm event/book signing in vancouver
tuesday, march 16: return to dc. whew!

follow the experience on twitter (#tranquilistatour) and with live broadcasts via ustream.
so excited for *this* adventure and i hope our paths will cross. thank you for your support of all things tranquil.


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Jessica said...

I will be doing my darndest to make it out to Vancouver for the Ladies Who Launch event! It's a week night though, so I don't know if I will have a ride or not! Hope to see you there, and btw, can we bring a copy of HTC to be signed by any chance?

kimberly wilson said...

happy to sign it, jessica. would love to meet you! xx