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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

tranquility du jour #179: signature style

Bonjour. Welcome to the 179th edition of Tranquility du Jour: A Guide to Bringing Tranquility to your Every Day. Today’s show continues the series featuring tranquility du jour's guest bloggers with musings on signature style with Kaileen Elise.

Kaileen is an explorer, artist, writer, blogger, twitterer, yogini, tea drinker and entrepreneur based in Raleigh, NC. She enjoys finding simple ways to make everyday an extraordinary adventure and connecting with other sparklistas in the universe. As our featured guest blogger for Wednesdays, Kaileen Elise will be sharing her thoughts on signature style - musings on anything from fashion to home decor to stationery. Connect with Kaileen Elise though her blog or twitter.

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Melita said...

loved this interview! kaileen elise is a doll! hugs to you both!!

Unknown said...

Kaileen's blog is such a fun read every time she posts. I feel like I have found a new friend via her blog and I have been waiting to get to know her better through her podcast. She lives in my home state, so as much as I miss it there, it is fun to see what fun things she is doing in such a great area where she lives. She is definately full of sparkle. Thanks so much - Kimberly for interviewing her. Now I am off to work on a new design for my teacher desk area at work. Thanks to Kaileen!

Emma said...

thanks for the link!