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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

shoulder surgery bound musings

bonsoir, bonsoir, bonsoir,

i have a confession to make . . . life has been *anything* but tranquil lately. lack of sleep (my favorite thing). too many deadlines. overcommitment. lack of yoga (thanks to injuries + exhaustion).

yes, life is usually busy. yes, i like to add more things to my plate than i probably should . . . but somehow projects and due dates have aligned like unfriendly stars on my planet of life. new tranquil space spring schedules to finalize. new TranquiliT spring collection to launch. new tranquil space foundation grantees to decide upon. new teleclass to host. new e-course to launch. new podcasts to record. new guest teacher to host/welcome. new TranquiliT promo materials. new tranquility toolkits to ship to creativity circle graduates. new online orders to ship. new trunk show to host. new techer sangha to attend. all-day mindfulness meditation event. um, this was my past week post 10-day, 7 city book tour. seriously, not sure how i'm still standing.

i know, i know, we're *all* busy, but how to escape the busyness? tranquility is critical to my health. space is criticial to my health. fewer deadlines is critical to my health. however, there is nothing i want to release. i LOVE what i do. see my dilemma? i'm sure you relate!

as i prepare to slow it down for at least a few days, i'm excited to ponder this notion. somehow surgery is a welcomed blessing. my shoulder will feel better sans bone spur. i'll get to indulge in at least 4 bed days curled up with my beloved sir louis while getting catered to by beau. yay! i'll get more than enough rest to make up for the recent craziness.

but something's gotta give. life is not usually so untranquil. i try to infuse daily doses of tranquility, but this past week left me concerned. i can not and will not live like this.

as i hosted monday's teleclass, i surrounded myself with flowers and candles to help ease this feeling of unease and topped off the day with a hot bath. above are two gorgeous flowers by artists julie and amanda based on what they took away from the call. (merci for sharing!) what small steps can you take to infuse your world with a dose of tranquility?

when life throws you too many deadlines, too many commitments, and too many silly struggles, it is time to step back. spring has sprung and it is time for renewal. join me (sans surgery) on a journey of reflection. what is calling for release? what is calling for acceptance? how can you make some changes to return to tranquility? what beckons you deep within?

i hope to have some answers when i return from my drug-infused slumberings. send good surgery thoughts tomorrow at noon ET. in the interim, i'm sending you good tranquility thoughts. you deserve it!


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Vintage Butterfly said...

Kimberly, I hope your surgery goes well, and your healing time is quick. Take some time to rest and relax...focus just on you for awhile! I am sure that we all would rather have you take this time for yourself, then to burn out! My thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe and fast recovery!

Lexi said...

Kimberly - I am so sure you will sparkle even in surgery :) But will send you warm and healing (and sympathetic!!) vibes. And . . . I am relieved to know that even you have lapses in tranquility . . . it gives us all permission to - stop - rewind - and start again . . . and I am really needing it! I have been speeding down a path of negative energy. So - here's to new beginnings - a happy, healthy, restorative spring! xoxox Alexis

Tina said...

Wishing you the speediest of recoveries, Kimberly! Your work has certainly inspired me to live life more mindfully and "extravagantly." It introduced me to yoga, too; which has been such a treat! Take this time to get the rest you so rightfully deserve and need. Your inner spirit will help to guide you in your reflections and decisions. Joy, peace and good health to you! T.