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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

musings from recovery ward chez moi

pecking away at keyboard with one hand while other rests in sling. forgive short sentences and abbreviated thoughts.

during the past few days my beloved gramma has returned to ER (note her on cell phone chatting with me while mum and pops look on), mum got a knee replacement, and i've been spending lots of time in bed. ahhh!

beau snapped the shot of me geared up in my surgery ensemble. not my most flattering look.

doctor went in to remove bone spur but found the dreaded rotator cuff tear that didn't show on MRI. longer recovery, but happier shoulder!

what i've learned:
- family means the world
- getting sick from anesthesia strengthens your abs (mine actually hurt like i just did pilates)
- pets love to use my shoulder to leap on headboard
- snail mail notes, emails, and online shout-outs are great perk-me-ups
- when it rains, sometimes it pours (all us ladies fell apart at same time)
- cats are intuitive (when in need bonnard would always come check on me and stayed close. sir louis was most concerned with how my handicap affected his food intake)
- TranquiliT long sleeve wrap tunic is perfect recovery piece (wraps beautifully over sling)
- ordering new "pewter princess" sling made me smile
- i don't like drugs. too harsh on my system.
- heart cici's gorgeous petals from last week's teleclass done in pastels!
- slowing down is very hard on me - especially pecking away with one hand at the keyboard.
- flowers make me smile
- a bath full of LUSH's easter bombs is just as yummy with a sling
- the sound of spring rain is pure bliss
- i have some super talented readers. got some amazing goody bags while bedridden - one with 2 gogeous necklaces (photo to come).
- beau is the most patient soul ever. received texts asking for more pills (need 2 hands to open child-proof bottles), cries for ginger ale, pleas for emails to handle, and even drove me to school on monday. give the boy a medal!
- my tranquilista e-course girls are rocking their mindfulness, yoga, morning rituals, and visual journals. SO proud!
- i cannot wait to rock my new shoulder!


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Melita said...

i remember when i had my surgery last october and ryan was the best thing around! he took such excellent care of me just like beau is taking care of you. isn't it great to have them around! glad to hear you are recovering. hugs!!

Mary said...

I hope all went well with the surgery and all the best for a quick recovery. Your positive spin on anything challenging is inspiring.

Lisha said...

You are amazing! I hope that recovery goes well. Slowing down is hard, but honor that time, we don't get it often.

Anonymous said...

As always you are awesome and inspiring.

Gina said...

Just remember to take your own advice -- be kind to yourself, allow yourself to rest, allow yourself to relax, and allow yourself to heal.

Your mother and your grandmother are in my thoughts as well.

Amanda St.Clair said...

Get lots of much needed rest! Love the bling sling!

Vintage Butterfly said...

Glad to hear that you are healing will be back to your Tranquilista self in no time. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your mom, and grandmother for speedy recoveries!

Lisa said...

I love that pic of you - you are beautiful inside and out, with that sweet smile, even while heading in for an operation!

I too am holding your ma and grandma in good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly!

I'm wishing you a fast and fruitful recovery! You are such an inspiration with your positive outlook! Keep up the good work! :)

Art and Clasp said...

I think those might be my necklaces you are talking about :) Really hope you are enjoying them and your recovery is smooth and quick. x

yublocka said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery and in the meantime please do post pics of that pretty sling!!

kimberly wilson said...

dearest art + clasp, it WAS you and the necklaces are TO DIE FOR. donning them both now. will need to purchase a third for a fun layered look. email moi! thank you again. totally made my bed-ridden day! xx