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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

finale: tranquilista book tour: vancouver, bc

tranquilista book tour: vancouver, bc on vimeo: final interview of the book tour on studio4 in vancouver.

our west coast book tour adventures concluded in vancouver surrounded by mountains and water - a true delight. yesterday's travel home began at 4:15am and i have yet to recover. whew, that was early!

above are photos from my chat with the lovely ladies of vancouver's ladies who launch and standing in front of the olympic flames with beau. due to exhaustion, our afternoon in vancouver consisted of a decadent nap. c'est le vie.

happy to be hOMe where i've lit tons of candles and nag champa incense, picked up pink tulips and greens for my smoothies, and am settling in for a night of shipping (feels like gift wrapping) TranquiliT and an interview on "the way of the happy woman" at 8pm ET. tune in if you're free!

bisous + happy st. patty's day,

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Robyn Thompson said...

loved meeting you in person also on monday, kimberly! your in-person presence has such a wonderful energy... and your make-up in the interview looks beautiful! thank you for the tea!

Emily Anne Carson said...

That was my favorite interview so far! Thanks for posting these; what a delight!